Our students won six awards in the 2022 National Collegiate Programming Contest.
Prof. Berlin Chen is named in the World's Top 2% Scientist List.
Prof. Chen and Prof. Huang received the NTNU Industry Collaboration Award!
Prof. Chi and Prof. Wang received the NTNU Awards of Excellence in Teaching!
Prof. Berlin Chen's research group receive the Best Paper Honorable Mention Award in IEEE SLT 2022!
Kuh-Yih Huang, Chung-Chia Li, and Prof. Gwan-Hwan Hwang receive the Best Paper Award of IEEE ECICE 2022!
Prof. Shun-Shii Lin's research group received three thesis awards and won 14 medals and in the field of computer game.
Tsung-Han Chou, Po-Hsien Liu, and Prof. Ko-Chih Wang receive the Best Paper Award of Computer Graphics Workshop 2022!
Prof. Greg Lee received the Outstanding ICT Elite Award 110!
Prof. Wen-Jyi Huang’s research group won the First Place and the Third Place in Xilinx PYNQ AI/IOT Hackathon!
Yu-Lun Wu received the Best Student Presentation Award in the 14th Annual Meeting of the AAAC!
Wei-Che Peng, Yu-Chen Chien, and Fu-Yu Chiang receive the Merit Award of 2021 Climate Change Innovation Competition of the MOE.
Three of our faculty members received the NTNU Industry Collaboration Award!
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