International Exchange & Joint Degree - Cooperative School

Our department has a strong and long-term partnership with the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University, a renowned Swedish institution. Two departments have signed the master's dual-degree and exchange student agreements.

Students enrolled in the master’s program at our department have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree. Students who complete the requirements of two programs will receive two master’s degrees, one from this department and one from Uppsala University.

Over the past few years, many students from our department and Uppsala University have successfully received master’s degrees from both departments through the dual-degree program. 

Undergraduate students in their junior year or above at our department are eligible to apply for the exchange program. This program allows students to spend one semester or one academic year at UU.

Both institutions select several outstanding students to participate in the exchange program yearly. 

In addition to UU, our college and university also have signed exchange programs with multiple universities for students who are interested in international exchange.